For what it’s worth…

I’ve been looking at job listings lately and found something interesting: an employer more interested in your actual writing samples than in what degree you graduated with. They actually say that in the listing. I’ve heard for quite a some time now, at least the last two or three years, that employers are heading back towards how much experience you may have being worth more than any post-graduate education. The pretty diploma just doesn’t mean as much as it used to.

Here’s my question for you: do you think the Bachelor’s degree and further, the Master’s in creative writing, is necessary to be a successful writer? Or is real world experience more useful to you as a writer and to a future employer/publisher?


About beccacalloway

I am an aspiring writer, hoping to one day be able to support my love of shoes.
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One Response to For what it’s worth…

  1. edomonmashi says:

    You can attend school and attain both those degrees without fully being involved in your art. Obviously you will gain significant experience up to a Master’s level but its not necessary to have to be successful. You can be successful with it or without it. You can present the same determination to learn creative writing at home or at school, but with opportunity available it wouldn’t hurt you to get into academics, finance aside. If anything you witness another side of the world, the educational side which you’d lack knowing if you left it up to the real world but that just means independence. You have to reach independence at some point to survive so that will come without a doubt. Determination can be both high and low in either environment, its up to you man.

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