Looking Forward

The concept of looking forward should be easy. Most of us plan in advance for something in our lives…a celebration, a reward, an event. But how often do we look longingly into the future?  What prevents us from looking forward? I have a hard time with this, because I’ve grown accustomed to seeing the here and now. I also tend to revel in past failures. There is no harm in either of these, unless they begin to hold you back. Both distract and hinder you from looking and moving forward.

As I begin looking forward myself, I want to challenge you to set three goals with me:

(1) A Realistic Goal: something you want to see happen in 2016 when it comes to your writing. Set a goal to finish a project, submit your writing to X number of outlets, earn $X for your writing, etc.  Set a realistic goal that you believe you can obtain. This isn’t a “safe” goal that you know you can reach; it should still push you.

(2) A Futuristic Goal: something you need to plan smaller steps to reach. This is a multi-year goal, which can include your Realistic Goal as a stepping stone, but you want to make this one as a 2-5 year goal. It should be something carefully planned and well thought out.

(3) A Personal Goal: something for you and not your writing. Why a personal goal? Because we should all take the time to better ourselves in some way. Make this something you’ve always wanted to do but held back. Get crazy, let loose, and set your goal – it will be fun to achieve!

Looking forward is a great exercise to get our focus off what we did or didn’t accomplish this last year and focus on what is to come. Looking forward helps you prepare and anticipate the good to come. It won’t all be butterflies and roses, but you will become well rounded and able to handle more by setting goals and taking the steps to achieve them.

And of course…plan your reward system. What will happen when you reach your goal? Without question, you set another one, but for every goal obtained, there should be a celebration,  and the celebration should not overshadow the goal’s end result.

As you set your goals and celebrations, include them in a comment here. We’d love to watch you this coming year reach your goals and to celebrate with you when you succeed!


About Kristyn Phipps

I'm in love with writing. I first fell in middle school while coping with my parents' divorce. Now, having a family of my own, I want to build on the passion of writing and tell stories from own perspective.
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