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I never know what to put into boxes that are titled ‘about me’. Here goes nothing, I’m a young woman in her early to mid twenties, depending on how often I update this profile. I’ve had a love affair with writing for nearly eleven years now. I’ve had a love affair with stories for much longer. I’m a mix of a lot of things, I like role playing games and wasting all day on the internet, I love reading, and just sitting in a room listening to people talk. I craft: everything from knitting to jewelry making and carpentry. I don’t consider myself a very confrontational person but I am more than ready to stand up for my opinions and what I believe in. I think reading is the most important skill a person could have and a good library does more for a kid than some schools do. I used to LOVE Reading Rainbow and Wishbone when I was a kid. Aside from that I'm a very big nerd who is into role playing, video games, movies, books, comics, you name it. I try and bring a fun perspective with me into every day life. I love talking about writing nearly as much as the act itself and I look forward to making connections with the community here on Wordpress.

World Building.

If you’ve ever read a fantasy novel you’ve probably encountered a world full of magic and mayhem. I’m sure more than a few of us have sat there blinking for a minute thinking something was brilliant or strange or wondering … Continue reading

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